Windows 7, possibly within a year, according to Bill Gates

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Bill Gates Speaking

While we have already seen confirmation from Microsoft that Windows 7 was set for a 2010-2011 launch, it seems that they may be running a little ahead of schedule. According to Bill Gates, they are ahead of schedule and the OS could come “within the next year.” Of course he was not specific enough and he could have been referring to an early testing version as opposed to the regular retail version.

After the launch of Vista and all the bad press that followed I would imagine that most people would rather have them take their time and make sure its truly ready for a public release. Of course with the recent end-of-life extension that was given to Windows XP, this could be a good way to get rid of XP once and for all. If you remember the extension gave Windows XP until at least June 2010 or for one year after Windows 7 was released, which means that XP could officially die in June 2010, assuming Windows 7 was released on or before June 2009.

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