Sprint adds Klausner Visual Voicemail to the Samsung Instinct

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Samsung Instinct

To add another chapter to the “Samsung Instinct = iPhone P0ZER” book, Sprint has licensed the visual voicemail feature for the Instinct from none other than Klausner Technologies. If you remember back just a little bit, Klausner sued AT&T and Apple after they unveiled they were going to use visual voicemail because their version, allegedly, infringed on their technology. The Instinct already has the full touchscreen going for them (except for three buttons near the bottom) along with a full web browser, and the big touch-icons on the screen.

With more and more phones picking up some of the features the iPhone has, like visual voicemail, this should keep pushing Apple to innovate even more which in turn, gives us more features to look forward to in the next generation of phones. So I say, hats off to Samsung and Sprint, competition is a good thing.

Via [I4U News]

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