Facebook gradually rolls out real-time Chat feature

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Facebook real-time chat

Finally, the long awaited Facebook chat is rolling out. First reported by the Inside Facebook blog, and a few hours later, the Official Facebook blog announced that new Chat facility is indeed being gradually rolled out in some Facebook networks.

The Facebook blog did not specify any exact date as to when the Chat feature will be implemented across all Facebook networks. But users don’t need to do anything to install the Chat facility, as it will just pop out at the bottom part of the users browsers. When the Facebook Chat bar appears, users can view the list of online friends and even start a conversation with any or all of them.

Unlike other Facebook communication facilities such as the Wall or Inbox, the Facebook Chat works in real time, that is, messages are delivered and displayed as soon as they are sent. Facebook is also working on pulling other features of Facebook into the real-time Chat facility.

Facebook is also assuring its members that they will have control of their Chat transactions to preserve their privacy. Hence, users can save message history or clear this out anytime they want to. Facebook for its part will not log chat sessions permanently, so users are assured that their information are safe.

Now that Facebook has officially announced its Chat facility, one can’t help but wonder what will happen now with the third-party developed Facebook chat facilities such as Social IM, Friendvox, and the recently launched Babuki?

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