Imation launches paperclip sized atom flash drives

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Imation atom flash drive

Imation has announced its new Atom Flash Drives, a small flash drive the size of a paper clip measuring only 1.20 x 0.5 x 0.22-inches. If Super Talent’s got the world’s slimmest flash drive, the Imation atom flash drive may well be the tiniest.

The atom flash drive features a unique and iconic design in aluminum finish, plugs directly into USB ports, and has password protection and drive partitioning software. This tiny little device can hold data from 1GB to 8GB of data.

The atom flash drives are compatible with Windows Ready Boost feature, so users have an option to speed up system performance on any Windows Vista PC.
Other than these features, the Imation Flash drives are so tiny that Imation couldn’t think of other innovative stuff to include in the flash drives any more. So, let’s just leave it at that. Pricing information of the Imation Atom flash drive is not yet available though.

Product [Imation Atom Flash Drives] Via [Pocket Lint]

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