YouTube updates Insight, adds Discovery metrics

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If you recall, YouTube recently added a new feature for its users to know more about who are watching their videos, when and where from. They called it YouTube Insight, and it works in the background, gathering data as you keep on uploading new videos and new people watch your old ones. They said they would update Insight with new features soon, and they have made good on their word so far as they have just rolled out one additional feature.

YouTube added Discovery metrics into Insight, to show how users found your video, whether it be through a Google search, YouTube search, an external link, an embedded video player, or through related videos on one of YouTube’s video pages. It will also list up to 50 of the external sites that are linking to your video, as well as the specific YouTube or Google search terms used to locate your video.

To access this new feature, simply log in to your YouTube account, go to “Account” > “My Videos” and then click on “About this video” (soon to become “Insight.”) It doesn’t seem to be working for newer videos and those that haven’t been viewed yet for at least a thousand times, but if you have some videos with a couple thousand page views, I’m sure you’ll be able to give it a test drive.

Via [YouTube Blog]

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