Gadgetell review: Casio’s Slimmist Camera: EX-S10, 10.1mp hottie

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Product: Casio Exilim EX-S10
Price and Availability: $249.99
Pros: Super slim, big 10.1mp, liked Best Shot over time, simple video recording
Cons: Does anyone really need 10.1? Some motion blur
Overall: I am considering this for my personal camera. I love the form factor, the Best Shot works for me, one touch recording is key.
Rating: 10/10

In short, I love this camera. I take a range of photos for work and for play. From simple studio shots where I putz around with lighting to lacrosse action photos, having a camera I can whip out anywhere is critical for me. I hate bulky cameras, mostly cause I refuse to carry them. If this sounds like you, you are going to love the S10.

As you can see in my professionally edited video, it is thin, easy to use and has a big 2.7″ wide screen with high contrast. The buttons are easy to use (if not a bit small, but that is the whole idea of this thing). Zoom worked as well as 3x can. The metal case is pretty and slick; this camera just looks gorgeous.Casio EX-S10 body

The quick start up means you can catch the moment instead of waiting for the camera to catch up to you. The one touch recording is surprisingly fantastic, even for us lovers of technology who could navigate a series of menu trees to get to recording. The one touch means it is a no-brainer to record some video. I found myself using it more and more throughout my test.

Other features like the smile capture or no blur technology worked sometimes. Other times I found in taking my self-portrait I’d be smiling at the camera for what felt like minutes before something would happen. The camera gives us the option to be neophytes and select a similar scene in what it calls “best shot”. There are many scenarios to choose from: portrait, group, collection, night, fireworks etc. Selecting one that is most like your setting, the camera adapts settings to make your shot the best it can be. Here is an example of an image I took using Best Shot.
sunset with the Casio S10

For those of us that are used to fiddling with the settings this can be odd and unnerving. I thought I would hate it and would be circumventing this system (which actually is rather easy to do provided you only wish to access four key settings by remapping buttons to access them). Turns out, once I let go of my need to control everything, the Best Shot system surprised me and worked extremely well. This will help free my brain for loftier thoughts rather than proper ISO settings. Woo hoo!

Casio says we’ll get 280 shots per battery charge which seems very small to me. A back up battery would be an essential item for me, especially when shooting video. Which brings up another issue, memory. My 1GB card filled up faster than myself at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. Consider high memory cards to mate this product with. Again, I found myself using this more because of its size and simplicity; you might too.

The quality of the images was good. Not great but not horrible most of the time. It is better than the line you would draw in comparing ultra-thin with good quality. And in the end, that is what sold me on this camera: it is small and simple. Very little beats having an unobtrusive camera with you at all times.

Product page: [Casio]

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