Brother Japan retinal scanning display turns your eyes into mini-projector

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retinal scanning display

A prototype for a retinal scanning display that is currently in the works has the potential to change the way we watch movies. Cleverly constructed with a complementary eye-piece and weighing in at a very light 25 grams, Brother Japan’s retinal scanning display scans images and beams them on top of your retina, ala mini-projector. This in turn, makes your eyes look like a little canvas, on which you can see displayed images of what’s before you, clearer and more distraction-free than ever.

The way this works is by beaming low-intensity light on your retina and scanning it with light at a high speed. The resulting image is then displayed on top of your eyes, just like how current age projectors work. Only this time, everything’s miniaturized, and yet still works perfectly fine.

But unfortunately, like Toshiba’s Apripoco, this product is far from its final stages and is still a prototype. However, Brother Japan does hope to commercialize this by 2010. Personally, I’m looking forward to it. Think, no more worrying about the screen size of the latest gadgets. Forget high-def, this is eye-def!

Via [dvice]

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