Jabra M5390 dual BT headset has “leave me alone” written all over it

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Jabra M5390 Dual Bluetooth headset

Noise-canceling headphones be gone! Who needs inferior products such as those when you can comfortably sit back with two calls simultaneously with the Jabra M5390 dual Bluetooth headset? Talk about trying to tell everyone around you that you are busy, and can’t be disturbed no matter what. This mind-boggling device, in my honest opinion, is so dumb that it’s brilliant!

With the Jabra M5390 dual Bluetooth headset, you can take calls from two different devices, like say a GSM handset and a Skype phone, at the very same time. It offers DSP noise canceling technology itself, although I’m not sure how well that would really work when you’re trying to listen to two different sounds at a time.

Other features include USB 2.0 connectivity via a Bluetooth dongle, and a range of 70 meters. That way, even if you accidentally cut off your ear and dropped it down the elevator, you’d still be able to hear your calls. Or not. And it stays on standby for nearly 60 hours, with talk time billed at 6 hours, give or take. But don’t rush out with your credit card yet, cause there still ain’t no pricing details on this baby. What? Of course it’s for sale, cheapskate.

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