TwitLinks launched, becomes unofficial Techmeme of Twitter

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If you’ve ever tried to follow the Twitter updates of more than one person, you’ll appreciate what TwitLinks has set out here to do. Using advanced alien-technology (or maybe RSS feed updates, I’m not sure), Twitlinks gathers all the most recent Twitter updates of leading tech industry pundits and arranges them in the fashion of a blog, with updated links to the latest industry news as well.

TwitLinks creator Gary Brewer said the idea for TwitLinks was born out of his interest in “the links that people [he] didn’t know personally published over their individual twitters.” So basically, he’s trying to organize the latest and most useful twitters in the tech industry, much like how Techmeme tries to organize breaking technology news.

Now, while no one may be able to say just how well this new service will perform in the long run, at least we have one more tool to run to as we cover the ever-growing tech industry and everything happening inside it. But you can bet it’s going to be big; it may have only yours and my attention now, but with a little more time it could take on the whole world too. Who knows?

Via [Read Write Web]

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