GMX Global Mail Exchange takes on Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Hotmail

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GMX Global Mail Exchange

The web mail scene has been dominated by either Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Windows Hotmail for quite some time now. Although there have been many other web-based email systems who have tried to enter the fray, none has been successful as of yet. So it would seem that GMX Global Mail Exchange may be up to a tough task of getting into the web mail niche.

GMX Global Mail Exchange aims to provide an alternative web mail solution for home users as well as small and medium sized enterprises. It’s your typical web based email that supports POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols and mobile devices. GMX also allows you to create up to 10 additional emails that all forward and can be checked from your main account, which is a nice way to keep your main email address a little more private. If you notice too much junk or spam from one of your alternates simply delete it and start with a new one.

To cut the long story short, what does GMX has to offer to users that would make differentiate it from the leaders Google, Yahoo and Windows Mail? Unfortunately, there’s nothing much. GMX Global Mail Exchange touts itself as the best free web mail client. It has every right to call itself so. It boasts a gigantic mailbox with a maximum capacity of 5GB of which 1GB can be used to as a virtual hard drive to store files such as text, photos, music or videos. Yahoo Mail has unlimited storage space. Gmail has around 10GB and Hotmail has 5GB.

GMX also promises of superior spam protection as well as professional anti-virus protection. We can only prove this true if when we actually start using GMX. But first, the basic question must be answered, and that is do we need another web-based email system? It’s your call. You may want to give it a spin and see if its suit your needs. As for me, I’m satisfied with Gmail and I don’t think I would be using another web mail client in the near future.

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  • blake

    Hey, i really think that Gmx is a great email.. it has much storage, great look and its a great feel to it. its very organized… So i say, go with gmx.

  • James

    I have had a yahoo account for years…. Unfortunately I have had a yahoo account for years. It is the most amazing spam magnet at this point. Mainly I am tired of all the scantly clad skanky whores thrown up in my face in the name of advertising. I can find my own porn portals or adult hook up sites on my own. I don't need any more temptation then being in the same room with an internet connection and a computer thank you.

  • james

    Let me clarify. I did not mean the spam (although I really don't need 100 adds for viagra either) I mean as soon as the screen comes up there are usually advertising a link that are only one click away from adult content. No thank you yahoo.

  • ace garcia

    i am new at emailing and to start it is fun and easy

  • Chuma

    hey im happy to be using gmx cos is is very quick and fun. go gmx

  • Roy Verrips

    I have a Mac and love the Mailtags plugin for Mac mail – Sadly this doesn't play well with GMails version of IMAP so I'm going to try GMX and see how that plays with the IMAP headers Mailtags produces – Anyone tried this already?

  • lloyd

    signed up but could not access the e-mail sight

  • Carla

    I just came across gmx looking for an alternative e-mail that has POP3, IMAP and SMTP for free. Im using a new intranet system for my home based business and gmx gave me what i needed. The look its great and straight to the point with not clutter like hotmail, yahoo and gmail. So for those who want a good e-mail for free GMX its the way to go.

  • Karl C

    I have had a lot of problems with Yahoo's lack of reliability (persistant failure of POP to work properly even on a paid account) and I am deeply unhappy with Google's privacy policies and determination to store all my mail indefinitely, even after I've deleted it. So I went in search of an alternative with a decent privacy policy and GMX looks great so far. I'm going to leave my gmail account running as a spam-catcher. Let Google archive all that rubbish. They must be mad.

  • Aleksandre

    GMX is much better than gmail,lycos,yahoo,windowslive and others…

  • Mike

    I think GMXs good, but no. It has no space. It has 5120mb. GMail has 7415mb. More space. GMX is cheap but I gott say, if it had the same amount of memory, I would go with GMX. On gmail i have 600emails and i am using 0% memory. On gmx i have 400 and i am using 3%. Sucks. GMx, pleas upgrade memory

  • Mike

    And it doesn't have a document section, right?

  • Mike

    Nope. I thought. GMail is the best e-mail eber. lots of space 7145 or more mb. Documents, spreadsheets and more

  • Gobinath

    GMX is really a nice mail service, I am using more space in gmail, i agree it has features but GMX really rocks .

    The features like send mail from multiple mail id's, create multiple mail ids, fast service, storage capacity mail receiving from all 10 mail ids all are good one.

    Gmail i one such monopoly feature from google, they dictate you follow, it sucks

  • Martin Mathilda Shaw



  • SR

    Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo doesn’t respect customer’s privacy – all three scans thru messages, in case you didn’t know.

    GMX is a welcome change.