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Post a helps fight retail crime

Another start up website that well, is attempting to make the world a better place is called This is not another one of those social networks that are popping, this website is out for a better cause. It is to identify and share incidents of a crimes such as theft, vandalism and burglary and hopefully serve as a warning to others. People who have experienced a crime or have caught such events on camera or video could upload them to the database to share with the community. However, the website is not intended for posting grave crimes such as murder, assault or rape. It is aimed at crimes like loss of property and only non-violent crimes can be posted. Aside from the video there are tips and some information found in the database about the uploaded crimes.

While points to a good cause, it could also become a place for attacking people. There is always the potential for an innocent person to be victimized when someone begins to abuse the website and posts a photo of a crime that didn’t happen the way it appears. I just hope readies the site for those unforgivable crimes.

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  • Ben Sharpe

    Thank you for your write up about, I am one of four people that started the website and we appriciate the mention on your blog!

    We are currently in the process of adding missing children information to our database so we can help track down missing kids, and we're going to roll out a commenting system for people to discuss crimes posted to the website. We are definelty doing what we can to make the world a better place and welcome any feedback!


    Ben Sharpe