AT&T begins their Starbucks invasion

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Its a sad day for T-Mobile as they are in the first stages of being pushed out of Starbucks. The official announcement about AT&T moving in and replacing the current T-Mobile wireless service was made back in early February and as of then it was just left as; the rollout will begin in the spring. Well spring has sprung and the first Starbucks location has just been switched over. The lucky location was in San Antonio, and it is located just a little over 4 miles from the corporate headquarters of AT&T on South Broadway Road.

Hopefully, (speaking as an AT&T customer) the roll-out will continue to move along at a steady rate, of course it will take some time to hit everywhere. Starbucks currently has over 700 locations that will be affected by the switch over. Now that the transition has begun we can only hope the current T-Mobile customers will get the continued access that was promised.

Via [Engadget]

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