Samsung’s new W599, a dual-SIM, dual-network smartphone

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Samsung Anycall W599

Ever wanted to own a cellphone that can switch between GSM and CDMA bands without any of the fuss? The Samsung Anycall W599 will let you do just that. Because it works with two SIM cards, and two networks running at the same time. Which isn’t new, but still worthy of another shot, especially from one of the leading names in this business.

The Samsung W599 seems to be a follow-up to the Samsung W399 that was released two years ago, with the W599 packing some of the same features and of course, a few new ones. This includes a 2.4-inch stylus-based touchscreen with handwriting recognition, a 2 megapixel camera, 34 MB of internal memory, support for expandable MicroSD cards, and multimedia playback all around.

Sadly, this looks to be an Asia-only release for now, branded with the very un-catchy Anycall moniker, which incidentally is the branding on Samsung’s most recent 5-megapixel camera phone. We do know that it will sell for 4,490 Yuan or about $650 USD though. And like you, hope that this product hits our shores. I don’t know, maybe we just like variety.

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  • Fiagaer

    Nice phone. I really enjoy these dual-sim phones. Unfortunately I just bought one, I kinda like the design of this phone you're describing a bit more though :-(. But mine has nicer specs hehe 😉 I've got the DSTW1, from

    amazing phone but relatively big. This one looks pretty.