Teens reaching for fame, reach near death instead

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Crashed Mitsubishi Eclipse

Ever since YouTube became really popular, lots of people have posted videos of whatever they wanted on it. Whether it was music videos, commercials, or their homemade videos. YouTube is a great source of entertainment and laughs, and many people try to post videos that get a lot of views. Two teens who live in Peoria, Arizona decided to try and post a video that would become very popular, but their plan backfired and had serious consequences.

Their plan was to use a Mitsubishi Eclipse to fly in the air across an intersection. They managed to get in the air but as soon as they hit the ground the driver, a 16 year old, lost control and the car crashed through trees and rolled over. In the passenger seat was his friend, a 17 year old. Both of these teens had been hospitalized but the 17 year old has already been treated and the 16 year old is still in critical condition. On top of all this, their friends forgot to record the video! Every time people want to post a video on YouTube, they should think of the consequences if something goes wrong, this is a perfect example, and I’m sure there are other similar stories.

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