Microsoft files patent for passable wearable mouse

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Microsoft patent reveals wearable mouse design

Microsoft’s track record with regards to innovation might not be something you can call spotless, but a recent patent filing puts them on track to beating the rest of the world in a classic case of “Why didn’t I think of that?” Their patent couldn’t get simpler. It’s called the Wearable computer pointing device, and is supposed to be an easier way to operate a mouse by wearing it in your hand. With the Wiimote and iPhone promoting all kinds of high-tech sensors, a device such as this just had to be concepted. Right?

The wireless and wearable mouse Microsoft is trying to make will feature your usual right click and left click buttons, mounted on the side of your index finger so that your thumb can find it easy enough to click on. There will also be a switch that activates and controls the movement of the cursor on screen, and looks very unobtrusive in that it’s wrapped around your palm. So typing will not be hindered by using this new device. Makers Craig Ranta, Steven Bathiche and Monique Chatterjee just might be on to something. It’s time for innovation Microsoft! Show us what you got!

Read [USPTO] Via [I Started Something]

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