Registriation may be required of all Wi-Fi devices in Russia

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I’m sure you have used Wi-Fi before on on a variety of devices that you own, and you most likely never had to register the device to use the Wi-Fi. We take the ability to use our Wi-Fi for granted, with never any thought of having to register it beforehand. In Russia, the government is taking appropriate measures to make everyone register the Wi-Fi devices they own. The specific part of the Russian government is called the Russian Mass Media, Communications and Cultural Protection Service, or Rossvyazokhrankultura. Every person has to receive permission by means of registering to use their Wi-Fi enabled device.

The registration would be required on all Wi-Fi devices, including headsets, laptops, portable game systems, portable media players, phones, PC’s and anything else that uses Wi-Fi. Rumor has it that it takes about 10 days to get a single Wi-Fi device registered. Now, to register a home Wi-Fi network, it would take a lot longer. So far, this is all that we know, if any of you folks live in Russia, leave a comment and share with us what you know about this.

I, personally, can’t imagine anything like this ever happening here in the United States. Lets hope that holds true, because I for one can tell you the paperwork would seem endless for some of us.

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