Samsung brings its “Soul” to Europe

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Samsung Soul mobile phone

Samsung has launched its “Soul” mobile phone to the European market. To be released by major mobile phone operators in France, UK and Germany, the Soul boasts of powerful features making it worthy of being called Samsung’s flagship product for 2008.

The Soul’s got a 5-megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom, face detection technology, image stabilizer and Wide Dynamic Range. If you are into digital cameras, you’d know that these are features common to most point-and-shoot cameras available in the market today. But these digital imaging features are just teasers to what our dear European friends are going to get from the Samsung Soul.

The Soul’s main selling point is its 7.2mbps HSDPA data access for a fast 3.5G internet experience. In addition, the Soul also boasts of what it calls as a “magical touch interface.” Don’t worry, the phone doesn’t do a disappearing act when you are using it. The “magical touch interface” refers to the Soul’s touch navigation keypad that changes icons depending on the applications that you are currently using. For example, if you are listening to music, the main icons changes to something related to music.

With those innovative features plus the usual high-end mobile phone features of the Samsung Soul, don’t we all have a reason to envy our friends from Europe for getting the privilege of laying their hands on the sleek looking and stylish Samsung Soul phone ahead of us?

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