Asus to release 10-inch Eee PC later this year

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Asus Eee PC

It looks like a 10-inch version of the Asus Eee PC will be coming our way later this year. None other than Asustek CEO Jerry Shen stated they are already working on a new Eee PC with a larger display.

“The feedback we’ve received from users has been great. Many have asked us for bigger screens and better usability. That’s what made us start developing the Eee PC 900. People are asking for bigger keypads and more software as well, issues the company continues to work on,” said Mr. Shen.

Shen also said that Asustek will probably stop upgrading the display screen of the Eee PC after they have released the 10-inch version, and that any display bigger than 10-inches shall no longer be called an Eee PC. I couldn’t help but agree more with Mr. Shen, actually the 9-inch screen would have been enough. But we have to understand Asus for trying to milk the Eee PC for some more dough, a larger screen would certainly attract more sales into the Eee PC product line. Mr. Shen did not give an exact release date or any pricing details for the 10-inch Eee PC, but alluded that the new Eee PC will probably come with a bigger keypad and more software.

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