New SOLo table does more than just a normal table

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SOLo Table

Normally, tables don’t do much, they just sit there and let you work on it or put stuff on it. However, this new table from SOLo, by Intelligent Forms is not just your average table, it is solar powered which means you can run or charge your gadgets while using them on the table. This really is a great idea and if the price can stay relatively inexpensive, it is sure to be very popular, especially since people are trying to become more energy efficient. Reportedly, if you leave it for a year in a “typical outdoor setting,” it has enough juice to charge your typical cellphone about 6,800 times, or a laptop 168 times. It also comes with a few sockets to charge whatever gadget you may have, including USB, 12V and your standard 3-pin plug.

Now, you might be asking how could you leave the table in a “typical outdoor setting,” without something getting messed up from rain, snow, etc., well the neat thing is that the whole device is weatherproof; just don’t leave your laptop or other gadget outside with it. Additionally, it comes with built-in LED lighting, which can add light in case you are working in a dark environment, which is weird because normally you would be working near the sun. Anyway, it also comes with a LCD monitor, which shows how much battery is left. Another neat thing is that it comes with a pull out drawer, so you can put whatever devices you want in there for storage, such as your phone, laptop, MP3 player, GPS, etc. Bluetooth is also available, and the reason here is “to collect, distribute and exhibit information on both the tabletop LCD display screen and wirelessly between computers and the internet,” sounds reasonable enough. Furthermore, it measures out at 43 inches x 30 inches x 18 inches, and oddly enough, one of its suggested uses is on a cruise ship. I mean, I guess that could work, but I would use that at home before aboard a cruise ship.

No word on pricing or availability at this time, but hopefully the price remains relatively low and it starts shipping soon.

Via [Gizmodo]

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