HP restores access to its Upline cloud-based storage service

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HP has been a little up and down with their recently announced Upline service. After being announced on April 7, the service seemed promising, but was quickly taken off-line on April 18 with little explanation as to why it was going down or even for how long it would be gone.

The good news is that the Upline service is now back online. According to HP the service will pretty much pick up where it left off and everything will restart automatically. Meaning any backups that you had setup will begin to run at their scheduled time, as well as any files that you have backed up or stored in your account will be just where you left them.

All things considered its hard too complain that much, after all they are giving new users the option to get a basic 1-user Home plan for free for the first year, but at the same time it is a little worry some that it could disappear again.

Keep reading for the full email from HP regarding the return of the Upline service…

Dear HP Upline User,
The HP Upline service is now back on and fully operational.  We apologize for the recent service interruption and want to assure you we have taken steps to ensure that our technical issues have been resolved.
Your service will restart automatically. Here are a couple of tips.
• Please make sure your Upline desktop client is running. (If it is, you will see the Upline icon in the system tray.)  
• Scheduled backups will begin automatically. Please note that you can click Back Up in the widget to initiate a backup at any time.
Any files you previously backed up are still in your Upline storage.  You can access them online by logging into the Upline website.
Please contact us at if you have questions or need help restarting your service.
We would like to assure you that during the interruption our encryption technology ensured that your data was protected. Protecting your data is, and will remain, our highest priority.
The HP Upline Team

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