T-Mobile says an Android device is coming in time for the holidays

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While we’re sure that Google’s Android platform will be loaded on a bunch of new devices some time in the near future, we still haven’t heard of any manufacturer or handset maker announce when they will release something officially. Except today. VP and General Manager of T-Mobile’s Broadband and New Business Division Joe Sims has just confirmed that T-Mobile USA will be offering at least one mobile device running Google’s soon-to-be released in full Android platform, and that there will be more than one Android powered device, probably for the sake of variety, of course. Joe also confessed that he was impressed after seeing what Android is capable of doing, and mentions that “(The move to an open platform) will be innovation across the board, not just one device.”

Does this mean that Android is going to eventually take over WinMo in powering T-Mobile’s devices? We’ll never know for sure; at least not for now. All I know is if they can try and release early, they should. By the time they come out with their Android-powered gizmo on the year’s end, Apple’s 3G iPhone (if it already exists by then) would have already killed the competition — as if they aren’t already doing it now.

Read [CNN Money] Via [IntoMobile]

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