Release of 3G Blackberry reportedly delayed

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blackberrylogo is reporting that sources close to both AT&T and RIM are saying the much anticipated 3G Blackberry, named Meteor, will have it’s previously scheduled June release pushed back until as late as August due to concerns about call quality. However some are speculating that the real reason is because AT&T is trying to avoid competing with the new iPhone, which is also rumored to have a June release date. It’s expected to be released on the first anniversary of the original iPhone. RIM is expected to release a touchscreen 3G Blackberry later this year that is intended as a direct competitor to the iPhone.

The delay is not good news for RIM as demand for it’s current offerings, including the Pearl and Curve is slowing. Users and the market in general are ready for some fresh new products. AT&T offered up no comment, and a spokeswoman from RIM also declined to discuss the matter when contacted by email, citing that they will not discuss “rumors and speculation.”

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