The rules of the road

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Leaves have taken color, trees filled with luster and shape again. There’s a smell to spring that is unmistakable, and a hunger to venture out beyond our own borders that cannot be ignored. For those explorers who answer the call, the road sings. A car, the company of good friends, and a destination that has yet to be determined, the iconic American journey. The road trip is an entity that hasn’t evolved, hasn’t been exploited or stripped of its romance yet. Even now as we tie ourselves to cell phones, MP3 players, GPS, laptops, and PDA’s the road trip remains unvarnished, and true.

It remains that way now through our dedication to its principles, rejecting our newly instilled primal urge to be connected to every inch of this world. In it’s embrace we must run away from the comforts technology has provided us. That means using a radio, being guided by a paper map, and hiding from email, text messages and the like for a short breath of untethered freedom. An exercise more in rediscovering something organic and true, then a Thoreau like abandonment of controlled civilization.

The value in it, in de-simplifying our road trips and our lives for that brief moment in this life over filled with technologic splendor is in the relationships we can build upon, with ourselves, our spirits, and those we bring with us. In disconnecting, we are in fact reconnecting and sharing a singular and signature memory. And in these captivating journeys we can find peace, presence of mind, or whatever else we seek. Because when we are alone with the rhythm of the road, our journey can go anywhere as long as it is unfettered by our troubles, our pretensions, and the electronics that bind us.

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