Best Buy, Geek Squad partners with FixYa to offer free online tech support

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Best Buy and Geek Squad have announced partnership with FixYa, a community contributed website that offers product care support. The group has launched a co-branded website which will allow Best Buy and Geek Squad customers to help each other out with support issues. FixYa boasts 7 million users who post around 100,000 support questions and solutions each month. It is a welcome reprieve from the often complex and frustrating world of company tech support solutions, which often involve long hold times, language barriers, and less than helpful or canned email responses. From their press release:

“Best Buy is renowned for its commitment to its customers and once again demonstrates its leadership in customer service by adding another dimension in online social tech-support. We’re pleased to be able make this opportunity available directly to customers,” said Yaniv Bensadon, founder and CEO of FixYa.

Geek Squad will add to FixYa’s solution database. Fixya’s community currently boasts more than 30,000 expert contributors, and Geek Squad will help expand that base through its own contributions. With expertise spanning computer and peripheral support, home theater installation and optimization, and mobile electronics, Geek Squad offers proven solutions to a variety of problems in both the virtual and real worlds.”

Customers can access the new website by going to the Best Buy website and clicking on the “Customer Service” tab.

Read [GeekSquad Fixya]

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