Gemini P29 wireless keyboard, so feature-packed it’ll confuse you

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Gemini P29: The 5 in 1 Wireless Keyboard

Here’s a contraption that would go nicely with your monster computer lounge setup. It’s the Gemini P29 wireless keyboard, which supposedly is the world’s “first 5-in-1.” However I haven’t been successful in clearly identifying what the other three features are, aside from it being a keyboard and a wireless remote.

It’ll measure larger than most average-sized keyboards, but the reason for this can be clearly seen – extra buttons and a joystick put on top, possibly for added convenience and more control. A 10 meter (about 33 foot) radius is afforded to you via a USB dongle for your PC, so you can control your PC apps, among other things, remotely.

Interested in getting one? I’m sure Xenics (from Korea) would be glad to help you out.

Product [Xenics Korea] Via [Akihabara News]

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