UK crossing guards given new weapon against road rage

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UK crossing guards outfitted with camera

Britain’s lollypop ladies, the equivalent of our school crossing guards here in the US, have just been issued cameras and portable DVRs to record incidents of “lollipop rage” or school zone road rage. The cameras record traffic from both sides and feed their footage to an Archos portable DVR. The system was developed by a British firm known as Routesafe, and several local authorities have already implemented it in their communities.

“It’s unbelievable that we have to take this action,” says the chairman of the Local Government Association’s transport board, “but the lives of children are at risk from increasing numbers of drivers who are so selfish that they are willing to put lives at risk by refusing to stop for 30 seconds at a school crossing.”

Road rage is becoming an increasing problem in the UK. Anyone caught by this new system will be fined £1,000, which equals roughly $2000 US, and also have 3 points placed on their driver’s license.

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