Paper GPS; low-tech, yet still functional

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Paper GPS notepad

Directionally challenged people know who they are. That is why electronic GPS devices are such hot items. They help you to navigate just about anywhere from around your town or across the country.

As you can imagine, it may be hard to get those results from a simple pen and paper. Have you ever started writing down directions and then realized that the paper was too small. The lines of instruction get smaller and smaller and then start circling around the edges. You drive along trying to read the scribbles and give up when you cannot tell which line came first. Hopefully you wrote down the phone number. It is hard for me to imagine that some people prefer low-tech devices. For those few there are low-tech navigation options – the most popular being ordinary paper map or pen and paper. Not too stylish but functional.

However, for those that prefer low-tech with some style thrown in there is an answer. The Paper GPS notepad fulfills the need for organized and readable directions for as little as $6.50. Each of the 60 sheets allow for 10 turn-by-turn directions with pre-printed arrows and even a box for the distance between each turn. Simply circle the correct directional arrow, write down the street names or landmarks and the distance between each. At the bottom of each sheet there is ample space for jotting down other pertinent information such as a phone number. In case you keep a notebook of directions there is also a spot to notate whether you got lost or not.

This is just another one of those “Wish I’d though of this” items.

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  • Laptop GPS World

    Paper GPS – what a wonderful invention :-) I love it :-)