Sidekick update? Video, YouTube?

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sidekick lx with video coming

According to hiptop3, where I get all my Sidekick news, an over-the-air update is coming to the Sidekick LX that will open up video playing capabilities. Heck yeah! But the bigger question still looms, will it play with YouTube?

The answer seems clouded now, much like the mighty magic 8-ball. Will it be just music videos? A special channel just for Sidekick LX users or full support ala the Apple codec H.264? There could be a new app coming dedicated to making this happen, but for now, we have just the image to go by.

Via [hiptop3]

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  • carlypoo

    does anybody know when this update will come out/

  • walter

    I got mine today u can't watch youtube videos it nothing really to be excited about