Samsung Instinct gets its own promo site; online reservations start now

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Samsung Instinct Promo Site

Those who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Instinct from Samsung will be glad to know that a new promo site was just launched in preparation for the official release of the phone. The site reviews the Instinct’s features which include; a touchscreen interface, hi-speed wireless internet connectivity with a full HTML browser, customizable favorites, landscape QWERTY keypad, stereo bluetooth profile, 2.0-megapixel camera, GPS and more.

The site also features an interactive gallery showing the Samsung Instinct in various angles. Our only gripe about this is the fact that the image of the Instinct doesn’t look very realistic. It would have been a little better if Samsung used a more realistic image so that users could get a better idea of what they may be getting if they buy the handset. Hopefully, Samsung and Sprint will release a more realistic image of the Instinct before the release date, which incidentally, was never mentioned on the site. What the site offered instead was a reservation link for those who are willing to buy the Instinct without even testing the actual device first. Hopefully, nobody is disappointed once the Instinct is released.

The Samsung Instinct will be released in the US through Sprint, sometime, soon?

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