Sony’s Microvault USM-LX flash drive adequately answers your data storage needs

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Sony Microvault USM-LX Flash Drive

It’s very seldom that we hear about Sony coming out with a flash drive product, although we know that it certainly has some data storage devices in its arsenal but these mostly belong to its proprietary Sony Memory stick duo series which are used for most Sony Ericsson mobile phone’s and the PSP. So, it is refreshing to hear about this new USB flash drive which belongs to Sony’s Microvault product line. The flash drive we’re talking about is the USM-LX high-speed USB flash drive.

The USM-LX gives a maximum read-out speed of 31Mb/s which is the USB flash drive standard, is simply fast enough to handle large files – that is store, transfer and share just about anything. Sony has also made some stride in improving this flash drive’s design by using what it calls a “Click mechanism”. This eliminates the need for a USB cap, since all you have to do to connect the USB to your machine is to slide out the flash drive’s body to reveal the USB connector. This adds some convenience to users as it makes the flash drive shorter when in use.

Another exciting feature of the Sony USM-LX flash drive is its easy-to-read LED indicator which quickly fades out when the flash drive is not being used. Other features of the USM-LX include; Windows Vista ReadyBoost compatibility, pre-installed with Sony’s Virtual Expander utility which compresses files for maximum storage capability, and plug’n play feature. The USM-LX flash drive is available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB storage capacities.

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