YouTube launches YouTube India

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Youtube India

Well, it was a long time coming, but YouTube has finally made its localized Indian version go live. Now, YouTube users from India are given access to a highly personalized version of the site, featuring content that’s filtered through a so-called “Indian lens.” The live video charts show what videos are being watched by users in India, and the featured videos are now targeted towards an Indian audience. Literally dozens of local partners have also been signed-up by YouTube to provide home-grown content to the users. And they even launched an official Indian YouTube Blog. So if you’re looking for some original South Asian video goodness, head on over to

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  • Dr K Chaudhry webpage appeared early morning on 07 May 2008. I was delited to find only indian videos listed as Feature Videos. Swati Kothari, Gautam, Shailesh, Sakina – all together organised a grand show at India Habitat Center. Media queries were also answered comprehensively by Shailesh-Sakina duo. What impressed me is the young age. All those on huge Google/YouTube posts can be called young guys and gals with no offence. Manager – International : I thought she is a college student.
    Congratulations to YouTube managent.

  • TokyoGuy

    The world needs more Indian music videos! Especially more that are "translated" by "Buffalax"!!! ;O)

  • boler

    great news!
    just go to India soon!
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  • I Am Youth

    great news for India people.. now youtube targets locally..