Opera Mini 4.1 gets new features, now faster

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Opera Mini 4.1

Opera has announced version 4.1 of the Opera Mini mobile web browser. Yes folks, Opera Mini is still alive and I assume more mobile phone users will be using it as its a simple, hassle-free, no-strings-attached mobile web browser that works with a wide variety of phones. I’m still using Opera Mini with my trusty old Sony Ericsson P990i, so I’m definitely excited about the update to version 4.1.

So, what’s in store for all of us with this latest version, Opera says – faster features. Opera Mini 4.1 receives request for web pages 50% faster than the old version, faster searching within a web page, faster web site upload and faster file uploading and downloading. In addition, when typing web addresses, Opera Mini 4.1 now suggests completions based on bookmarked sites and browsing history.

Opera Mini 4.1 also received special features for phones with JSR-75. We can now upload and download files using the browser without getting re-routed to the phone’s native browser, upload blogs even while on the go, upload photos, add attachments to web-based email and download other non media-rich content to our mobile phones. In addition, we can also save pages for viewing offline.

You can download Opera Mini 4.1 directly to your mobile phone by pointing your mobile browser to

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