Google Search to surpass Windows in 1 year

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Google Search is big, everyone knows that. But what we may not have know is how big. According to estimates, Google Search is on track to overtake Microsoft Windows business by this time next year. But will that be all the Redmond giant loses?

The answer is unclear. MS Office has dominated for years and as we turn to info in the clouds (Google Apps) the answer isn’t as clear as it used to be. Googles answer to Office is at least handy, a downright bargain at best. Google is fighting hard to get its apps into business and some are starting to swing to Google.

Henry Blodget, over at alleyinsider cites 3 main reasons for Googles success in comparing it to that of MS Windows:

  • Both products are natural monopolies. Google’s share of the search market should continue to approach Microsoft’s share of the operating system market (90%+).
  • Both products are wildly, fantastically profitable. Microsoft’s Windows business has operating margins of 75%-plus. So does Google’s search business (once you factor out the billions Google is spending on products that produce zero revenue).
  • Google natural monopoly is growing a lot faster than Microsoft’s.

The battle over Yahoo was just the beginning folks.

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  • byte monster

    Google search will overtake microsoft windows. Maybe I'm reading this the wrong way but the meaning is not clear. Will it over take in terms of market size, revenue or profit

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  • Alex Bony

    Google search is very significant, and no other thing could surpass it. It must be the fact that it will overtake Mircrosoft Windows.

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