T-Mobile to offer text message, call blocking

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In an attempt to alleviate customer complaints about unwanted messaging charges, T-Mobile has added phone number-level blocking to its My T-Mobile service. The service empowers users to prevent certain numbers from sending SMS messages and even emailing your @tmomail address by adding filters to incoming messages.

Additional privacy features are also in the works, which may include multiple levels of protection. The basic level may allow users to block SMS through a call to Customer Care or to T-mobile stores. This general protection will still let through system SMS, Voicemail notifications, and OTA updates.

Unconfirmed reports state that the more advanced level will allow users to block the following: All SMS, All MMS, All Email, All IM, or just everything except for T-Mobile update messages. Neither the general nor the advanced phases will be able to block internet-based IM or E-mail, or Danger’s messaging services.

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