The tech-lucky John Mayer gets a BlackBerry Bold

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BlackBerry Bold 9000 in-the-wild

It seems that John Mayer may have some more connections than just with Apple, it looks like he is also in good with RIM as well. If you remember back in January he was lucky enough to get his hands on a MacBook Air before they were available to us regular folks, now its the recently announced and still unreleased BlackBerry Bold.

Showing off the Bold on his site, he also gives a nice little statement about how the word “geek” is dead and goes on to mention that the Bold “has blazing fast 3G and twice the screen resolution, and the fonts look like something out of the New York Times.” I guess, if nothing else it at least has the geek seal of approval from John Mayer. This almost makes me wish I had stuck with those guitar lessons when I was a kid, maybe I could also be getting cool tech toys before anyone else.

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