NEC to introduce heart-shaped TFT LCD monitors

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NEC Heart-Shaped LCD

This may sound ridiculous to some, but NEC is definitely serious about introducing a new line of LCD monitors that could accompany it’s future products. NEC has just announced that it has successfully developed the technology to manufacture a flexible design of TFT LCD panels. And for starters, the company has just manufactured a prototype TFT LCD using this technology to come up with a heart-shaped LCD panel.

The heart-shaped prototype TFT LCD module was formed using two half-circular arcs and two straight lines. It measures 4.0 cms. wide and 3.6 cms. tall with a pixel pitch of 174 micrometers (146 pixels per inch). NEC is set to present this new technology via a symposium on Friday. Until then, we can only wait until NEC successfully manufactures these heart-shaped monitors and has them ready for commercial production.

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