Rendered third party case image shows 3G iPhone?

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XSKN 3G iPhone Case Rendering

Third party case maker XSKN seems to have taken a cue from the rumored specs of the 3G iPhone. While the phone itself still has not been pictured this rendering offers up a pretty good idea of just what it may look like. Keep in mind the screenshot on this image is a stock display from the original Cingular style pictures, but that sort of makes sense, because like we mentioned the 3G handset has not been seen in public yet.

This could be nothing more than a stunt to get some attention to their website, or it could be an upcoming release that they are hoping to have out quickly after the 3G iPhone itself is released. Either way it does make the iPhone look nice and sleek, not to mention, this is from what we could tell the first case shown for the hopefully soon to be released 3G iPhone.

Via [Engadget]

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