Google pulls back search curtain, launches Google Health

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The Microsoft-Yahoo! game goes into extra innings, but the Kings of Search motor along as if they were, indeed, the only game in town.

The Official Google Blog’s latest post from VP of Search Product Marissa Mayer lets slip a few R&D goodies stemming from an “informal gathering – a factory tour of sorts.” The company also took its Google Health service public, allowing users to store their medical records and information online and share them with authorized parties in what Google promises to be a safe, secure setting. Microsoft’s Healthvault promises the same level of privacy; yet another battlefield for the two tech giants to play on. I can’t wait to see which brand convinces the most consumers that their data servers can indeed be trusted with this extremely sensitive user information.

Mayer’s blog post points to coming innovations in user intent search, geographic search, “as well as how ads might work to enhance the user experience in image search.” That last point will no doubt stir the pot now bubbling over with talk of Microsoft buying Yahoo’s search ad business, or Google and Yahoo partnering up in that category. And tell me again how a potentially unwanted advertisement will add to my user experience when I’m searching for a photo on Google?

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