Samsung shows off its Quad HD 82-inch LCD

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Samsung 82-inch UHD LCD

If you thought Westinghouse’s 52-inch 2160p Quad HDTV was impressive, check out what Samsung showcased at the 2008 Society for Information Display (SID) in Los Angeles — an industry first, 82-inch Quad HD LCD. Sporting a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, the massive TV panel utilizes a red/green/blue LED backlight, which results in a 50% increase in color saturation. The new ultra-high definition TV features a 120 Hz refresh rate, which displays an image 120 times per second, effectively doubling the frame rate over today’s 60 Hz standard.

Samsung has not revealed availability details, nor pricing information, but if Westinghouse’s 52-inch 2160p panel costs $50,000, I’m sure Samsung’s 82-incher will cost way more. Likewise, the company says it will also introduce its ultra-high definition 82-inch “e-Board” at SID, which features a touch-sensitive surface that Samsung hopes would replace traditional white-boards.

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