Samsung Korea unveils its artsy-designed Yepp T10 media player

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Samsung Yepp T10 Art Noveau

Assuming that the Microsoft Zune will most likely never see the light of a Korean day and knowing that Koreans are longing for it, Samsung has taken the lead and announced its Zune-like MP3 player – the Art Noveau version of its Yepp T10.

Available only for the Korean market, this new iteration of the T10 boasts of 4GB internal memory, a specialized GUI to match its art noveau design, a 2-inch QVGA screen, Bluetooth 2.0, DNSe 2.0 technology, double bass, improved equalizer, FM radio and Samsung Media Studio.

Like we said, this classy MP3 player is currently available only in Korea. It would have been great if Samsung will market this internationally as it comes in a very affordable price of around $139 US.

Via [Akihabara News]

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