Logitech offers the Bluetooth enabled Pure-Fi mobile speakers

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Logitech Pure-Fi mobile speaker system

With the growing popularity of mobile phones as music devices, it is but logical that mobile phone accessory manufactures would think of coming out with speakers that could deliver high-quality sound from mobile phones to external speakers. Logitech is one of these manufacturers with its new speaker system that works with mobile phones. To make it even more interesting, Logitech made its mobile speaker system, called the Pure-Fi, work wirelessly.

The Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile speaker system works with mobile phones that are Bluetooth enabled. Using the Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP) profile, music stored in the users phone can be streamed directly to the Pure-Fi Mobile speaker system, and it will work up to about 32 feet. The Pure-Fi speakers also promise to give articulate bass and smooth treble sounds with its 2-inch high-excursion drivers and dual 2-inch pressure drivers.

In addition to being a high quality mobile speakers, the Pure-Fi can also be used as a wireless speakerphone, thanks to its two built-in mics which pick up vocal nuances and monitor and block unwanted background noise. Users can also call-answer and call-end easily with the use of controls located on the top of the speakers.

The Logitech Pure-Fi speaker system comes with a protective case which also fits charging cables. For music on PCs, iPod and other MP3 player, Pure-Fi can either be paired to an audio source via Bluetooth or through a built-in 3.5mm audio jack.

And now for the pricing, the Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile speaker system retails for $149.99 and will hit US and European stores sometime in June.

Via [Far East Gizmos]

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