Nokia Maps 2.0 gets official

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Nokia Maps 2.0
Remember that GPS navigation application that Nokia was touting during the Mobile World Congress earlier this year? Well, Nokia has just released it officially. Nokia Maps 2.0 is a nifty application made specifically for Series 60 mobile handsets that include all N-series and E-series models as well as some high-end 6000 series models.

This useful application will give users access to free downloadable maps of around 200 countries. It’s got street by street and city to city routes, various perspectives of different maps and even gives out some multimedia city guides which is available as a premium upgrade.

In addition, Nokia Maps 2.0 also gives out foot-friendly navigation with its Walk mode feature and a visual “bread crumb” trail which will tell you where you just have been. Even more sweet are the turn-by-tun directions which happen to be voice-guided. And to help you find your way through busy streets, Nokia Maps offers up faster shortcuts in getting from one point of interest to another.

Finally, to make it easier for user to download map data on their mobile phone’s memory card, Nokia threw in a PC-based client aside from the facility to download these data while on-the-go using WiFi and other mobile data internet connection.

Ready to try out Nokia Maps 2.0? You can download the application at

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