Facebook putting fresh face on Profile pages

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Facebook users aren’t just looking forward to taking their Friends with them to other websites, thanks to the recently-announced Facebook Connect feature. Very soon they’ll be seeing a new look to their Facebook Profile pages, according to product manager Mark Slee on the Facebook Blog.

Slee served as tour guide this week for tech journalists and bloggers at Facebook offices in Palo Alto, showing off mockups of the redesigned pages. If you are a Facebook user, you’ve no doubt noticed clutter and the need to do lots of scrolling on some very busy-looking profile pages. Slee is promising a cleaner look thanks to expanded use of tabbed pages, including a “publish” box that centralizes all user-uploaded content.

You can check out video from the tour itself or see a slide show of the redesign features. As usual, the most interesting part of the preview is the comments section as Facebook users weigh in on the proposed changes; lots of MySpace-bashing, of course, but also some good suggestions. No doubt Slee and Facebook developers are taking plenty of notes.

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