AT&T officially offering pro-rated Early Termination Fees

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As expected, AT&T has officially begun offering the new pro-rated Early Termination Fee (ETF) schedule. In news that was announced back in early April, these new fees went into effect as of May 25 and allow for a little lower price should you decide to skip out of you contract earlier than they would like.

In the past customers would have had to shell out a flat fee of $175, but now you will save $5 per month. This means that with a small amount of time left on your contract you will be able to get out fairly cheaply, assuming you have 6-months remaining you will be charged just $85, where in the past it would have been the full $175.

While this new ETF schedule comes as welcome news, we do have a nice warning for any current customers — this may not apply. That is until your renew your current contract, which would mean that you would start fresh at that 2-year mark again, which at least for another month keep you at that $175 cancellation level, but the good news is that it will only get cheaper from there. So while this news may not help everyone immediately, it is still more than welcome, hopefully the remaining carriers will follow suit.

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