Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1 gets more details

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Sony Xperia X1

The buzz and hype over Sony Ericsson’s upcoming XPERIA X1 smartphone continues to build up as Sony Ericsson’s developer site posted an updated white paper about the mobile phone. The white paper is still a long read and might bore you to death so if you don’t have the time to check it out, the paper contained two bits of new and welcomed information.

So now, aside from the details that we already know as well as some pre-order pricing from some wireless carriers, we were also able to learn that the XPERIA would have 256MB of SDRAM and a 1500mAh lithium polymer battery which can give out a good 10 hours of talk time via GSM or 6.5 hours via UMTS. If you would insist on checking out the white paper, just follow the read link below.

Read [Sony Ericsson Official White Paper] Via [Engadget]

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