Asus to release the 10-inch 1000 series Eee in June

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Hot on the heels of their ultra popular Eee 701 and the recent release of the Eee 900, Asus has announced it will release a 10 inch version called the Eee 1000 on June 3. Sources speculate that Asus is pushing the release to coincide with the release of the MSI Wind, which like the 1000, will have a 10-inch screen. Since the release of the popular Eee 700 and 701, there has been a flurry of new sub-notebook releases, including the Everex Cloudbook and HP Mini-Note just to name a few. Neither has had very good reviews. Acer will be the next to join in with an 8.9 inch sub-notebook, it’s expected to be offered for about $470.

I own an Eee 700 series and I am quite pleased with it. Asus has found a winning formula and as long as they stick to it they are guaranteed continued success.

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