Asustek will also launch the Eee Station at Computex next week

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Asus Eee Station

Ok, what do we know so far regarding Asustek’s plans for Computex next week? First, we learned that Asustek will be launching the Eee PC 901. This was followed by the desktop counterpart of the Eee PC which we later find out will be called the Ebox. Then, just yesterday Asustek hinted on the possible launch of another portable machine, the Eee PC 1000. Just when we are ready to sit down and wait for the Computex, here comes Asustek with yet another big announcement. It will also launch the Eee Station which is not only a powered-up version of the Ebox, but will also be a portable desktop PC with Blu-ray read and write functionality. Incidentally, if the Eee Station looks familiar, that’s because it’s the same as another one of Asustek’s mini desktop PC previously known as the Essention CS5110.

Yes folks, you read it correctly, the Eee Station is a blu-ray-capable portable PC. The Eee Station is the second in Asustek’s Eee Station series of mini-desktops. Asustek seemed hell bent on duplicating the success of the Eee PC into the portable desktop market and as such it is releasing the Eee Station with Intel Core 2 Duo microprocessors aside from the blu-ray capability.

The Essentio CS5110 is being geared for gamers which explains why the mini PC will have 1080p high definition video via the Blu-ray Disc drive. In addition, the Eee Station will be packed with the Nvidia GeForce 8600GT and up to 4GB of DRAM.

The Eee Station will have a retail price of around $657, while another version with the Blu-ray disc drive option will sell for $1,642. No details on release date is available just yet.

Product [Asustek] Via [Electronista]

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