Apple to unleash two new iPhones?

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Rumors are flying fast and hard as we all gear up mentally for the big Apple party coming June 9 at 10 am. One I really like is the idea of 2 iPhones being introduced. Isn’t it more like Apple to whip out something they’ve undersold and surprise us? Apple knows we love surprises and I suspect they’ll not disappoint this year.

Back in December I squawked about why an iPhone Nano makes lots of sense for Apple, AT&T and consumers. The family line that helped make the iPod such a raving success could do the same for the iPhone and give us a more comfortable feeling about Jobs claim they’ll hit their target numbers. A down market iPhone Nano, selling for $199 would sell off shelves faster than water jugs at the start of Hurricane Season (coming Sunday to a coastal town near you).

We know many of us would pay the $499 for a 32GB 3G iPhone replete with GPS, WiFi, App Store and loads more (surprises!). But how many more of those tempted by the iPhone would spring for a knocked down version that yields the touch love along with a simple to use UI? Maybe through the App Store, you can add functionality? Spec your own phone, how cool would that be? Surely Apple and AT&T are licking their lips at that thought.

The possibility is there, the opportunity is there, so what is missing? Does Apple believe moving down market will hurt their iPhone Pro (3G)?

Here’s to being surprised. How surprised would you be if Apple trots out 2 phones?

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  • Mark Rowland

    I actually wouldn't be too surprised, and it would definitely be cool if they had an entry level iPhone and a pro level iPhone. I think that although an iPhone Nano would be cool, I think that it is more likely for one design to be announced but be able to build it to order like any Mac computer. Imagine a situation where you could have just the phone and maybe a contacts book for like $150, or have everything except the kitchen sink in, say, a $500+ version. I think that this would appeal to the consumer that doesn't really need more then a phone but still wants the sleek coolness that an iPhone provides.

  • mark

    any…solar, nano or 3G iphone better include the philippines in the scope but dont let the price go beyond 200 dollars. you'll know how it is to be on top!

  • kitmarlow

    An 8 gig 3G Apple iphone in the philippines at 200 dollar U.S. will wipe out all the clones that are selling like hotcakes in this country. Many young and young at hearts want this toy to have something for themselves to excell in school and for the young at hearts, to amuse themselves in these times where there are no more easy answers. Time is of critical importance! The earlier their thirsts for these gadgets are quenced much happiness for both, the consumers and the retailers abound.

  • kitmarlow

    It is not always the same thing to make all the money in a deal and the number of deals.