Cannondale wants your iPod to be a cycle computer

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Nike did it with the Nano, now bicycle manufacturer is tinkering with the idea of making your iPod a cycle computer. Bringing much of the same functionality as the Nike+ unit, Cannondale envisions a docking unit on the bike but with some surprises.

Yeah, you’ve got a rear view camera on your Escalade, but on your bike? Cannondale’s concept puts rear view on your iPod as well as speed, distance and other basic functions. It seems even a power base (perhaps powered by your cycling) is there as well.

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The design comes to Cannondale from Barcelona’s D-Tank and is currently not pointed at production (awwwww). The design uses some really interesting concepts like a maintenance free shaft-drive propulsion system (I really dig alternate means of transferring power from crank to wheel) and a bike that is geared for non-cyclists (shockingly, almost a new concept to jaded industry insiders).

A very neat concept from a company that continues to push the edge.

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  • Mark Rowland

    I particularly like the rear-view camera idea.

  • JG Mason

    Yeah, cool concept. This all goes without saying that biking while listing to music is a potentially dangerous mix. Just sayin…

    But the rear camera is fun.

  • Dave

    The camera is cool, what I would really like is if they joined up with the Nike+ website so I could transfer my cycling data there as well.

  • JG Mason

    Dave, if you have an iPhone check out RunKeeper ( It will do both running and cycling, keeping them automatically sync'd online. A real sweet app a couple of us Gadgetellers use.