RCA releases three Small Wonder budget handycams

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RCA Small Wonder Handy Cams

Do you have more room for another one of ’em budget handycams? Adding to our choices of small and compact budget cams are not not just one but three models from RCA’s Small Wonder video camera product line. All three RCA handycams are not only packed with good features but more importantly they come in affordable prices as well, with two of them retailing for under a $100.

First up we have the EZ210 or the Small Wonder Traveler. This splash resistant handy cam boast of a 2.4-inch color LCD screen with high-visibility even when on a well-lighted environment at 320×240 resolution. It’s got a 2GB SD card which is good enough for one hour of near-DVD quality video recording. If 2GB is not enough for your needs, you can always upgrade up to 8GB SD card.

Next we have the EZ205 or the Small Wonder Summer with a 1.5-inch flip-out LCD screen for self-recording. This baby is loaded with a 1GB microSD card for a good 30 minutes of recording time if you prefer near-DVD quality or two hours if your recording with the intention of uploading your videos to YouTube and other web-sharing sites. You can also expand this capacity with up to 8GB of microSD card.

And finally we have the EZ200 otherwise known as the Small Wonder MyLife with basically the same features as the EZ205. The only difference is that it only lets you record videos in HQ mode rather than in near-DVD quality.

The RCA EZ210, EZ205 and EZ200 retail for $149.99, $99.99 and $89.99 respectively. All handycams will be available at Amazon just in time for summer.

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